Can China become a leading global innovator?

Assembled in China but designed in California, Japan, or Europe.

Thats been the story of Chinas economic rise for the past 30 years.

Few if any of Chinas companies are considered innovative by global standards – and Nobel prizes for science remain frustratingly elusive.

But China wants to be more than the factory of the world and its government knows it has to move on from a “beg, borrow or steal” strategy on innovation if it is to keep growing its economy.

Will it be able to do this?

BBC News – Can China become a leading global innovator?.

Made in USA: More dead American factories get a makeover

Manufacturing jobs shipped overseas have left behind vacant buildings and office hubs across America. But many factories are getting a makeover and second life for start-ups and makers of new products.

Made in USA: More dead American factories get a makeover

The U.S. 500 Largest Manufacturers

The IndustryWeek U.S. 500 is IW’s exclusive annual ranking of America’s largest public manufacturers, based on revenue.

The IndustryWeek U.S. 500.