Investing in Disruptive Infrastructure

The concept of disruptive business models usually means Internet based technology applications, and the infrastructure industry is seemingly the furthest thing from that space, with its progress measured by yards of cement and not by clicks. But the tech savvy are ever on the look out for opportunities for disruption, now that the low hanging fruit of travel bookings and real estate listings are done. Disruption is coming to infrastructure, or perhaps it is already there.

Technology has already revolutionized the design and construction of physical assets but change in these major sectors is just beginning. What used to take years to design and build may take months in the near future, with advanced technology design and on-sight 3D printing of construction elements.

These basic brick and mortar businesses are rapidly changing due to the introduction of technology. Beyond health and safety improvements, many basic construction practices haven’t changed for decades or longer. Just watch what happens next.

Investing in Disruptive Infrastructure

The 104 Most Active Seed Venture Capital Firms

The number of active seed venture capital investors jumped to a new high in 2014, rising 23% from 2013’s total. See who they were.

While huge valuations and funding rounds dominated the headlines in 2014, it turned out to be another huge year for seed-stage venture investing. According to CB Insights data, the number of active seed venture capital investors jumped to a new high – up 23% from 2013′s total.

The rise of micro VC funds has helped contribute to this trend, but it’s not just the small guys getting busy. Khosla Ventures, which ties for 9th based on seed activity this year, is looking to raise a whopping $400M seed fund according to filings.

The number of active seed venture investors has grown over time as illustrated below hitting 138 investors in 2014. An active seed venture capital firm is defined as one making four unique seed investments in the year. To ensure consistency with last year’s report, corporate VCs including highly active seed investor Google Ventures were excluded for the purposes of this analysis.

The 104 Most Active Seed Venture Capital Firms.

In Silicon Valley, Mergers Must Meet the Toothbrush Test

Many of the biggest technology companies are now going it alone when striking large mergers and acquisitions. Companies like Google, Facebook and Cisco Systems are leaning on their internal corporate development teams to identify targets, conduct due diligence and negotiate terms instead of relying on Wall Street bankers.
When deciding whether Google should spend millions or even billions of dollars in acquiring a new company, its chief executive, Larry Page, asks whether the acquisition passes the toothbrush test: Is it something you will use once or twice a day, and does it make your life better?

Sovereign wealth funds: Investing for the unforeseeable future

Sovereign wealth funds control about $30tn, so knowing what they are doing or planning to do is very important for asset managers.

Sovereign wealth funds: Investing for the unforeseeable future –


Foreign Investors in Russia Vital to Sanctions Debate

Foreign Investors in Russia Vital to Sanctions Debate –

Introducing the CNNMoney Tech 30 stock index

Introducing the CNNMoney Tech 30 stock index – Jan. 6, 2014.

A different take on dividends

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