30 years of .com

The first .com domain was registered March 15, 1985, to a computer manufacturer, Symbolics Inc.

30 years of .com

The Internet of Things Explained: Making sense of the next mega-trend

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices–ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment–the IoT merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments, and consumers.

The Internet of Things Explained: Making sense of the next mega-trend.

How the Internet Saved Handmade Goods

Some old technologies, after being rendered obsolete by better and cheaper alternatives (indeed even after whole industries based on them have been decimated), manage to “re-emerge” to the point that they sustain healthy businesses.

How the Internet Saved Handmade Goods

Data Centers Respond to Rapid Internet Growth

Every day, the amount of data we store and process is growing at an incredible rate. As this information store grows, the necessity of creating power more efficiently and in environmentally friendly ways is of utmost importance. At the same time, data centers are improving their efficiency — with smarter technology and consolidating operations — learning to process more data, using less energy.

Data Centers Respond to Rapid Internet Growth | HP.


Next Generation P2P: Measuring Growth in the Peer-to-Peer Industry

If anything, peer-to-peer businesses are reaching for the next rung. As Internet usage expands — as it did, acutely, during the past half decade — the ability to connect and, perhaps more importantly, the ways that we connect, have been bridge-building engines for the P2P industry.

Next Generation P2P: Measuring Growth in the Peer-to-Peer Industry.


Five surprising reasons ships need Internet access

The commercial shipping industry uses Internet access to navigate the waters of the world, but that’s hardly the only benefit of connectivity.

Five surprising reasons ships need Internet access.


What Is Internet Governance?

What Is Internet Governance? – Council on Foreign Relations.


How to Survive an Internet Apocalypse

How to Survive an Internet Apocalypse : The New Yorker.


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