Books we will need tomorrow

History has some potent lessons for business, but it is the future that really excites most corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. That is not only because the future offers fresh opportunities to make money, but because it gives the ambitious and talented the chance to write their own new chapter in the lore of management, finance and economics.

Books we will need tomorrow.

How to see into the future

Billions of dollars are spent on experts who claim they can forecast what’s around the corner, in business, finance and economics. Most of them get it wrong. Now a groundbreaking study has unlocked the secret: it IS possible to predict the future – and a new breed of ‘superforecasters’ knows how to do it.

How to see into the future.

Nine finance hubs of the future

New York, London and Hong Kong may be the leading finance hubs of today, but where are the emerging financial centers of tomorrow? There are some surprising cities among those tipped for success …



Buenos Aires


Kuala Lumpur





Nine finance hubs of the future –

Technologies to Expect from Cars of the Future

Innovations and changes are inevitable part of auto industry, Modifications can be in the department of safety, usefulness, entertainment or just for the sake of innovation, but such changes in technologies have completely revolutionized the automotive industry and the mode of human transportation.

Technologies to Expect from Cars of the Future | Real Business.


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