125 Years of Change in the U.S. Economy—and the Dow

How the Business World Has Been Transformed, From the Democratization of Capital to the Rise and Fall of Labor

125 Years of Change in the U.S. Economy—and the Dow – WSJ.


Dow Closes Above 17,000 as Stock Rally Outpaces Economy

The stock market, continuing a remarkable ascent that began in the darkness of the last recession, surged past a milestone on Thursday after a strong jobs report indicated that the economy might finally be gaining steam.

The Dow Jones industrial average, which measures the share price performance of 30 blue-chip companies, broke through 17,000 for the first time. It closed at 17,068.26, up 92.02 points, or 0.54 percent. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, a broader yardstick, finished the day within striking distance of 2,000, closing up 10.82 points, or 0.55 percent, at 1,985.44, a record.

Dow Closes Above 17,000 as Stock Rally Outpaces Economy – NYTimes.com.


US economy: The productivity puzzle

Long-term prosperity depends on the capacity of every American to increase output constantly.

US economy: The productivity puzzle – FT.com.


New World Order – Labor, Capital, and Ideas in the Power Law Economy

Our New Robot Overlords

Recent advances in technology have created an increasingly unified global marketplace for labor and capital. The ability of both to flow to their highest-value uses, regardless of their location, is equalizing their prices across the globe. In recent years, this broad factor-price equalization has benefited nations with abundant low-cost labor and those with access to cheap capital. Some have argued that the current era of rapid technological progress serves labor, and some have argued that it serves capital. What both camps have slighted is the fact that technology is not only integrating existing sources of labor and capital but also creating new ones.

Our New Robot Overlords | Foreign Affairs.


A Pro-Business, Pro-Growth Agenda for Europe

Europe Needs a Pro-Growth Agenda – WSJ.


What’s Next for the Chinese Economy?

After a period of remarkable growth, China now faces substantial economic and political challenges.

What’s Next for the Chinese Economy? | MIT Sloan Management Review.


China Restarts IPO Engine

China has reopened its market for initial public offerings after shutting it for more than four months, the Wall Street Journal reported today. The mainland IPO market has been touch-and-go for several years due to generally dismal performance, with Chinese regulators instituting temporary halts in new IPOs in an attempt to shore up the market. That’s left many Chinese companies strapped for cash in a slowing economy.

China Restarts IPO Engine – MoneyBeat – WSJ.


It’s a subscription economy

Subscription-based and recurring revenue business models are in vogue, for practically every type of product.

You’ve heard of the sharing economy? How about the subscription economy?

Welcome to the subscription economy.


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