Intellectual Property In The Age Of Open Sourcing: Who Owns It, And How Do They Get Paid?

Intellectual Property In The Age Of Open Sourcing: Who Owns It, And How Do They Get Paid?

The Internet of Things, as you may have noticed, is changing the world. Architecture, design and construction aren’t immune, as young architects no longer line up to work for the field’s undisputed stars, instead launching self-directed crowdsourced projects and using Kickstarter campaigns as a means to fund their own projects and seeking collaborators for projects big and small.

With projects like WikiHouse and the Resilient Modular Systems 2.0 digital platforms, now people can use a smartphone to connect with a manufacturer to order their house.

In some ways, that makes sense. Design no longer lives in a locked filing cabinet. The conversation I’m interested in is the virtual estate – what becomes of the ownership of digital property? (Who owns digital property). If you design a digital system, do you lose ownership if it’s widely reproduced in manufacturing?

The question arose in the 1990s with Napster, the internet company that allowed people to share music, in the form of MP3 files, with their peers. The industry panicked: Would people still pay for music if it wasn’t in the form of a physical compact disc?

The answer to that is still evolving, although iTunes and other music streaming services suggest a qualified “yes.”

But the details of how the internet and open source software changes who performs specific tasks and, perhaps equally important, who gets paid for that work, are still unresolved. Ownership at this stage in the contemporary digital conversation, therefore, becomes a more active concern than Authorship.

How do you protect your work?

That already is disrupting traditional views of innovation, and the global movement toward building a more sustainable future – increasing use of alternative energy, designing “smart” buildings that automatically adjust lighting, heating and air conditioning to conserve power – is a key example.

Intellectual Property In The Age Of Open Sourcing: Who Owns It, And How Do They Get Paid?

3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Decor

Wider access to the technology gives luxury shoppers and manufacturers more choices.
Push a button and out pops a toothpaste-tube clamp or a Steampunk-inspired birdhouse. That is the promise of 3-D printing, a 30-year-old technology that has gained ground with home-furnishing designers and manufacturers in recent years as printers have become more accessible and versatile.

The relatively quick and inexpensive printing process lets designers create products on-demand, which allows for instant customization and cuts the cost of experimenting with new designs.

For homeowners, that means a seemingly limitless new frontier in home decor that can be quirky or refined.

3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Decor

How Hotels Became More Than Just a Place to Stay

What’s become of hotel design after the design hotel?

Thomas de Monchaux surveys the clever retrofits and site-specific structures that are redefining where we stay—and what we want when we travel.

How Hotels Became More Than Just a Place to Stay

Lawn Ornaments That Go Way Beyond the Garden Gnome

Keep your landscaping beautiful through a barren winter with sculptural elements that add color or provide an unexpected focal point.

Lawn Ornaments That Go Way Beyond the Garden Gnome – WSJ – WSJ.

Top 200 largest Superyachts in the world

Top 200 largest Superyachts and Luxury Yachts in the world.

The 10 largest are:

Azzam 180.00m (590’7″) | 2013 

Eclipse 162.5m (533’2″) | 2010

Dubai | 162m (531’6″) | 2006 

Al Saïd | 155m (508’6″) | 2008 

Topaz | 147.25m (483’2”) | 2012

Prince Abdulaziz | 147m (482’4″) | 1984 

El Horriya | 145.7m (478′) | 1865

Yas | 141m (462’7″) | 2013

Al Salamah | 139.29m (457′) | 1999

Rising Sun 138m (452’9″) | 2005

Top 200 largest Superyachts in the world.

The World’s Most Expensive Watches

By design The World’s Most Expensive Watches is designed to appeal to people who know a lot about watches as well as people who are simply intrigued by nice, rare, or interesting objects.

The World's Most Expensive Watches

The World’s Most Expensive Watches.

Floating snowflake could be the world’s coolest hotel

The Krystall hotel will doubtless inspire a few gags about a frosty reception when it opens in December 2016, but once guests realize they’re about to check in to a giant floating snowflake, it could just as easily melt hearts.

Floating snowflake could be the world’s coolest hotel.

Young Designer of the Year Award 2015

The Young Designer of the Year Award competition seeks to recognise emerging talent in the superyacht design industry. The awards celebrates the original concepts of student and trainee designers from around the globe, tasking young designers with a realistic client request to challenge their ideas, technical ability and aptitude for delivery. The brief is set to provide valuable and authentic insight into the reality of working as a designer within the superyacht industry.

Young Designer of the Year Award 2015 – new task and Oceanco to sponsor.


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