This Is The Number One Travel Destination for 2015

Travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet has unveiled its list of the best U.S. travel destinations for the coming year, and the winner is… Queens, New York.

Here’s the full list of top travel destinations:

1. Queens, New York

2. Western South Dakota

3. New Orleans

4. Colorado River region

5. North Conway, New Hampshire

6. Indianapolis

7. Greenville, South Carolina

8. Oakland, California

9. Duluth, Minnesota

10. Mount Shasta region, California

This Is The Number One Travel Destination for 2015 | TIME.

World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

Embrace the wisdom of crowds by adding the world’s most-visited tourist attractions to your bucket list.

No. 1 Times Square, New York City


No. 2 Central Park, New York City


No. 3 Union Station, Washington, D.C.


No. 4 Las Vegas Strip


No. 5 Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario


No. 6 Grand Central Terminal, New York City


No. 7 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston


No. 8 Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando


No. 9 Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA


No. 10 Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

Top 7 Travel Agencies on the Map

From Alaska to Hawaii, Asia to South America, travel agencies can seem like a dime a dozen these days. With popular websites like Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz and more on the market, the travel agency of today has a lot of work cut out for them if they expect to be taken seriously. After all, what can a travel agency do for you that one of the aforementioned websites can’t do?

The answer? A LOT.

Top 7 Travel Agencies on the Map | Real Business.


Architects lead new hotel trend

Portugal’s architects lead new hotel trend –