Birthday bash: Boeing rolls out jets from 707 to 787 to celebrate

Birthday bash: Boeing rolls out jets from 707 to 787 to celebrate

Boeing puts its passenger jets on display for centennial celebration.


Boeing officially celebrated its 100th anniversary Friday, marking the occasion with a celebration for employees and spectators Friday at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

The U.S. jetmaker showed off all of its modern “7 series” passenger aircraft at the event. The lineup included everything from Boeing’s 707 that revolutionized the jet age when it debuted in the 1950s to the state-of-the art 787 Dreamliner that entered commercial service in 2012.


The event marked the occasion of the company’s official founding on July 15, 1916.

“The innovative spirit of our founder Bill Boeing — who 100 years ago today dedicated this company to building something better — is alive in the generations of our people who continue to deliver products and services that matter and positively change lives around the world,” Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement marking the occasion. “As we embark on our second century, our commitment to excellence is stronger than ever, our potential for achievement is as great as it was for our founders, and our goals must be even more bold, visionary and inspiring.”


Check out photos from the company’s Seattle celebration above. Or scroll down to for a dive into Boeing’s photo archives and a look at a special Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 painted specifically to commemorate Boeing’s 100th birthday.


Birthday bash: Boeing rolls out jets from 707 to 787 to celebrate

The world’s most expensive private jets

The world’s most expensive private jets

Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jets

Price: $100 million

Boeing Business Jets is a family of planes with the most expensive costing around $65 million and going up to around $100 million by the time it has been customized.

It is considered the top end of the private jet market and typically used by heads of state, sports teams or music stars, Varsano said, adding that the biggest contingent of these jets is bought by Middle East buyers.


This jet has an office and meeting area, kitchen, dining room and a private bedroom and can be customized in many ways.

The Boeing Business Jet can fit eight people and has an interior width of 3.53 meters.

Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319

Price: $100 million

The Airbus ACJ319 is the rival to Boeing Business Jets and again can cost up to around $100 million depending on the interior.

It comes in two variants – the “Elite” and “Elegance” – which have different interior layouts depending on your needs.


The “Elegance” version has a cinema area, social lounge, office and meeting area as well as dining room and like the Boeing Business Jet, can hold up to eight people.

The inside cabin width is slightly bigger than the Boeing Business Jet at 3.7 meters.

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream G650

Price: $64.5 million

This could be the private jet for you if you suffer bad jet lag.

“When you are flying on some airplanes, people talk about jet lag. It’s not jet lag, it’s the cabin pressure. You are flying at high altitude so there’s less oxygen. Airlines recirculate the air in the cabin, sometimes it affects you but on a corporate jet you are bringing fresh air and the cabin pressure on G650 is lowest of all jets, which means when you are going on a 10-hour trip, your body doesn’t feel the pressure, you arrive in a more relaxed and hydrated situation,” Varsano explained.


The Jet Business founder added that the G650 is the fastest plane in production.

It can fit up to 19 passengers and boasts that it can fly 12,964 kilometers nonstop with eight passengers on board.

The G650 cabin width is slightly narrower than the Boeing Business Jet and Airbus ACJ319 at 2.59 meters.

Bombardier Global 6000


Price: $54 million

It offers less mileage than the G650, but this is one for the Bombardier fans, Varsano said.

The cockpit is known as the Borbardier Vision Flight Deck, a very advanced system and something known to fans of the aircraft.


In the aircraft are a number of rooms such as the “stateroom” – the quietest part of the cabin with a divan, wardrobe and entertainment system.

The internal environment on board is controlled through a touch screen with high-speed internet on board as well.

One of the benefits of the jet is its ability to land at challenging airports due to its “short takeoff” and “slow approach” capabilities.

Dassault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon 7X
Dassault Falcon 7X

Price: $53 million

“The 7X would become the first business jet to use fighter jet technology with an elegant, whisper-quiet executive cabin,” Dassault explains of its digital flight control system, which automatically stabilizes the aircraft during turbulence.

It can accommodate 12 to 16 passengers depending on what floor plan you choose and is equipped with showers and a dining area.


Like the Bombardier Global 6000, the Falcon 7X can land at challenging airports with short runways such as London City. This is because the Falcon 7X has three engines instead of two which helps it slow its approach when landing.

It has good endurance and can fly 11,019 kilometers with eight passengers.

Embraer Lineage 1000E


Price: $53 million

Introduced in 2013, the Lineage 1000E seats 13 to 19 passengers and is Embraer’s most luxurious private jet.

Some of the key features include a large master suite with a queen-sized bed with a walk-in shower, a dining room, office desk, and lounge area.


It has a shorter flight distance than some of its competitors; it can fly 8519 kilometers with eight passengers.

But like many of its competitor the Lineage 1000E has the ability to land at difficult airports – making it ideal for the business traveler with a lot of cash.

The world’s most expensive private jets

Windowless plane lets you fly with your head in the clouds

In this plane, everyone has a window seat. And yet there are no windows.

Instead, this concept plane from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) lines the cabin with curved high-definition screens. Cameras mounted on the aircraft’s exterior then pipe in video that make it look like the walls are see-through.

Windowless plane lets you fly with your head in the clouds.

Supersonic business jets

How would you like to trim three hours off the current commercial jet flight time between Paris and Washington, D.C.?

Or two hours and 48 minutes off the flight between New York and Sao Paulo?

Or two and a half hours between Tokyo and Singapore?

Airbus to help develop first supersonic business jet.

Fry, fry away

Later today, Finnair is planning to fly an Airbus A330 from Helsinki to New York partly powered by recycled cooking oil. It is an interesting concept. The airline will not disclose the ratio of fossil fuel to cooking oil it has used until the plane touches down, but to be certified jet fuel must contain at least 50% of the traditional, dirty type.

Fry, fry away | The Economist.

Electric aircraft takes to the skies

It’s 100 years since a “flying boat” made the first scheduled commercial flight. Heres how times have changed.

Airbus electric aircraft takes to the skies –


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