3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Decor

Wider access to the technology gives luxury shoppers and manufacturers more choices.
Push a button and out pops a toothpaste-tube clamp or a Steampunk-inspired birdhouse. That is the promise of 3-D printing, a 30-year-old technology that has gained ground with home-furnishing designers and manufacturers in recent years as printers have become more accessible and versatile.

The relatively quick and inexpensive printing process lets designers create products on-demand, which allows for instant customization and cuts the cost of experimenting with new designs.

For homeowners, that means a seemingly limitless new frontier in home decor that can be quirky or refined.

3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Decor

3-D Print Cars

The assembly line isn’t going away, but 3-D printing is going to reshape how we make cars.

The Germans Have Figured Out How to 3-D Print Cars | Autopia | WIRED.


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