Investing in Disruptive Infrastructure

The concept of disruptive business models usually means Internet based technology applications, and the infrastructure industry is seemingly the furthest thing from that space, with its progress measured by yards of cement and not by clicks. But the tech savvy are ever on the look out for opportunities for disruption, now that the low hanging fruit of travel bookings and real estate listings are done. Disruption is coming to infrastructure, or perhaps it is already there.

Technology has already revolutionized the design and construction of physical assets but change in these major sectors is just beginning. What used to take years to design and build may take months in the near future, with advanced technology design and on-sight 3D printing of construction elements.

These basic brick and mortar businesses are rapidly changing due to the introduction of technology. Beyond health and safety improvements, many basic construction practices haven’t changed for decades or longer. Just watch what happens next.

Investing in Disruptive Infrastructure

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