Explore the world of IoT

IoT 101: Just the Basics


About service: The Internet of Things is not about things. It’s about service. And shifting business value from the things themselves to the experiences they enable.
The key to unlocking new experiences and business value. Embedding connectivity into devices unlocks new profitable business models, fosters innovation, drives economic value, and creates new customer experiences.
A growing trend across multiple industries. From connected cars to smart cities and beyond, IoT is changing business models, the relationships companies have with their customers, and organizational structures across industries.
Expanding at an unprecedented speed. The number of connected devices is quickly soaring into the tens of billions. IoT will transform physical industries on a greater scale than the Internet transformed digital industries.
The convergence of the digital and physical worlds. By connecting the products you sell 24/7/365, it fundamentally changes how you operate, how you interact with customers, and how you make money.


About “things.” It’s about service. “Things” are just the means to an end: By embedding connectivity into “things,” companies can deliver an incredible array of new services throughout the lifecycle of a product.
Difficult to implement. Compelling turnkey solutions are available today that minimize start-up costs while offering speed, efficiency, business agility, and scalability over time.
A collection of sensors, modules, controllers, and devices. IoT combines technology, processes, and people. It’s a convergence of technologies and capabilities, combined with solid strategy, clear goals, right skills, and strong relationships across the supply chain.
A huge security headache for business. Commercial grade IoT delivers automated and virtual security, making it possible for any company to deploy secure and reliable IoT solutions.

The Challenges of Launching and Managing An IoT Business

The Internet of Things is about service

Explore the world of IoT

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