The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2015

Gadgets and Ideas With the Best Chance of Making an Impact … and What You Can Do to Prepare for Them.

Windows Strikes Back

The international calamity that was Windows 8 will finally end in 2015 with the fall release of Windows 10.

An Apple for Your Wrist

When the Apple Watch debuts in the coming months, you won’t be able to avoid the hype.

Fitness Trackers That Actually Help You

Two big advances may, when they finally reach maturity, make us healthier humans.

Stream More, Pay Less

It’s finally time to break up with your overpriced cable TV service, or at least seriously rethink the relationship.

Virtual Assistants You Won’t Want to Fire

“You have an 8:30 a.m. meeting with your supervisor. Last time you met, your heart rate was high. Go to bed early tonight, don’t drink coffee before the meeting and leave home early—traffic will be heavy.”

That’s how much smarter predictive personal assistants like Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana will begin to get, thanks to increased information coming from our bodies, cars, Web searches, calendars, GPS location and more.

It’s a 4K World

This year, 4K TVs will become standard at 65 inches or higher.

Android and iOS Take the Wheel

This may be the first year you pick your car based on the type of phone you use—or vice versa.

People-Powered Apps

The app that most changed urban life in 2014 was Uber, the car service. Beyond making a night on the town easier, Uber has proved that smartphones are effective at connecting customers with nearby workers. Now that model is multiplying into a zillion services.

Cheap Smartphones Worth Buying

The arrival of a lot of cheap, powerful smartphones from China could mean it’s the year we finally stand up to our cellular carriers.

Your Phone Replaces Your Wallet

It will become possible to step out of the house with nothing but your smartphone (and pants) this year.

Not-So-Social Social Networking

This year marked the beginning of public social networking fatigue.

The Password Is You

When it comes to the annoyances of digital life, typing in a million different passwords all the time is second only to trying to remember them all. What if your body could be the password? Biometric readers have been around for some time, but now they’re found in devices we carry around.

The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2015.

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