5 Ways Your Company Can Be More Socially Responsible

The digitized modern life has given us examples of progress in practically every field. But at what cost? What is the toll on the planet, its inhabitants, and its natural resources? Is there a dark side, and if so, how pressing of an issue is it?

According to World Wildlife Fund, it is this pressing: By the year 2030, “humanity will need the capacity of two Earths to absorb CO2 waste and keep up with natural resource consumption.”That stark forecast explains a rising sense of urgency among governments, businesses and individuals “to secure the future in all its complexity for generations to come,” the WWF wrote in its 2010 Living Plant Report.

For businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — a broad term that covers a wide range of important measures of corporate behavior and performance — is central to the solution.

  • Give CSR a voice
  • Be thorough with metrics
  • Make CSR a part of everything
  • You don’t need to be rich
  • Help CSR boost your business

5 Ways Your Company Can Be More Socially Responsible | Real Business.

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