25 companies that are changing the world

  1. Skybox Imaging
  2. PK Clean
  3. Factual
  4. Ambri
  5. Aereo
  6. Thinkmodo
  7. Upworthy
  8. Voodoo Doughnut
  9. Goldieblox
  10. Beats Electronics
  11. Bridge International Academies
  12. GiveDirectly
  13. Oscar
  14. Immunity Project
  15. Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership
  16. Icon Aircraft
  17. Hello Products
  18. Artemis Networks
  19. Sabi
  20. Mystery Ranch
  21. Eventbrite
  22. Pal’s Sudden Service
  23. SPARC
  24. DEG
  25. Barry-Wehmiller

25 Most Audacious Companies of 2014 | Inc.com.


One thought on “25 companies that are changing the world”

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